How to Order


Simply choose your colors to create your unique custom area rug. On the following pages we have made color combinations that you may select from or replace with your own color choices, from this 120 color palette.


The number of colors, and the colors used in a rug are represented by the alphanumeric circles shown below the rug. For example:


This "Haiku" rug, to the left, is a three color rug, shown with an ivory (002) background, and purple (081) and lavender (079) striations. You can change this rug to match your color scheme, as long as it remains a three color rug in the same locations.


Therefore, you can make this "Haiku," to the right, by replacing the ivory with coral (068), the purple with mint (050), and the lavender with ivory (002). To streamline the colorization process, Color Couture keeps the number of colors and their locations consistent.

Please refer to color samples for actual colors. Colors in this catalog are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent exact rug colors.

We've numbered your individual color choices from 1 to 120 corresponding to yarns in the "Yarn Chain" in the store that you are ordering from. The yarn chains are the most accurate color, these printed swatches are for reference.


Previewing Your Rug

To view how your choices will look together, we've created an easy-to-use online tool at:
This tool is a great way to see how your finished product will look with your selected colors, but please note, since all computer screens differ in color accuracy, the most accurate color comparison should be done at the time you're working with our "Color Couture Yarn Chain."



Strike-offs may be provided, see your sales associate for associated costs. Strike-off will be 27" x 18" and show a true yarn sample made from a piece of your design. Samples will be provided within two weeks of your order. If a strike-off is ordered, production will stop and wait for your approval prior to completion of your area rug.